Mollie Tobias

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Are personal and/or work relationships challenging? Do you struggle communicating with your partner or in dating? Sometimes a person lacks the support system or the inner resources to make a change after a hard blow and could become depressed or anxious.

My specialty is to work with each person to help them build up their strengths and attain the personal growth they want to accomplish. I gain depth and wisdom from my faith, which in turn enriches my ability to help others face complex issues. I focus on the whole person while bringing together the important components of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I have extensive experience working with clients who are dealing with difficult relationships, sadness, anxiety, job changes, self-esteem, relocation, grief, etc. My ability to listen with a caring heart and a relaxed style, allows me to speak candidly when I need to.

I have been trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an integrative psychotherapy treatment for negative life experiences and trauma. I am also a certified facilitator with Prepare and Enrich, and I help pre-marital and pre-engaged couples develop insight to their relationship and initiate meaningful discussions.

Working in a collaborative style with individuals and couples, we will discuss the everyday life situations that are overwhelming and difficult. To me, therapy is about helping people and using a kind, relaxed and interactive approach. I am open to how people approach their faith according to their personal beliefs, and my faith is affirming of all communities. I respect and appreciate all faiths.

If you need to talk to someone to help you work through what life has dealt you then please call or email me.

Graduate School: M.S., San Francisco State University

Clients: Individuals and Couples

Credentials: California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #53961

Mollie Tobias

Marriage and Family Therapist