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Trying to resolve issues in our life can be difficult and serious work but usually worth all the effort and time. These changes may come from sustained effort, learning from past failure, exploring detours, clarifying what we really care about and want to do in our lives, walking in faith, fostering patience to allow change to happen to us, addressing chemical imbalances, and many other factors. Many, perhaps most times in our lives, we can make these changes through our own efforts or help from our friends or family. Sometimes we may need help from professional guidance to help make sense of or add to all of these efforts. If you are at this point, consider working with me if you are looking for a psychologist who is practical, compassionate, and collaborative. I enjoy encouraging people on the journey of redeeming the past for a rewarding present and future.

My work draws from a variety of life experiences before becoming a psychologist including working in drug discovery research in several biotechfirms and a US government lab, programming customized Microsoft Access databases at a consulting start up, Christian ministry work, and teaching high school science.

My professional training has taken place in various settings including a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, a college counseling center, an Asian community clinic, a public hospital, and at a psychiatry department of a commercial HMO.  I also have experience helping employees with work-related stress from issues such as discrimination, workplace bullying, retaliation for whistleblowing, and wrongful termination.  I can provide support through the work leave process and submit paperwork to return to work as well as explore opportunities for career transitions. I believe all of these life and professional experiences may be valuable in helping me to understand and help you.

I speak and can address some concerns in Chinese (Cantonese) if that is more convenient for you.

My experience has taught me that if you have Borderline Personality Disorder, an Eating Disorder, a sexual addiction, or need couple's counseling, you will be better helped by seeing someone else with more advanced training in these areas. Otherwise, email me or give me a call for a free phone consultation to see if we might be a good fit. If there may be other services or therapists who could better address your needs, I can provide you with appropriate referrals.

College: BA, 1989, University of California Berkeley, Biochemistry

Graduate School: Ph.D. 2006, Clinical Psychology, Alliant University, California School of Professional Psychology

Clients: Adults, Seniors

Credentials: California Licensed Psychologist #21813

Dr. Alex Wang

Clinical Psychologist
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